Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why Free?

So some people have asked why I give my books away for free.

The answer is simple: Writing is not my job.

But this has a big payoff--I get to write whatever the hell I want. I'm not concerned about demographics or marketing or target audiences or blah blah blah. I just write stuff that I would like to read, then put it out in the world. It's cool when other people stumble upon my books and dig them too.

A couple of the anthologies I've worked on have a made few bucks to cover expenses and that kind of thing, but, at this point, I don't have any intention of making money off my writing. Not because I'm some kind of artistic purist, that's just not where I'm at right now.

Writing is not work to me. Selling my writing is work, and I don't need to do any more work than I already do.

Anyway, here's my novella, The Kind of Friends Who Murder Each Other, and a book of short stories, Watch You Drown. They're both free. 


  1. I find your attitude refresing and, more importantly, I find your writing compelling. Keep up the good work and long may you continue writing whether we have to pay for it or not. Thanks Chris.

  2. I get where you're coming from. Why aching over a few bucks and having your stuff NOT read while you could just bank on numbers and write whatever you feel like. Somebody pointed out once that there is the bizarre idea of value though. For example if your book was 99 cents, you'd get a thousand sales maybe a hundred reads, but if your book was 2,99, it would get three hundred sales, but a hundred a fifty reads, because people would buy it to read it, not because it's cheap.

    That's all confusing to me, but I support your decision.

  3. Yeah, I've had that point before too. My question is: how the hell do you know how many people actually read the book? Pretty much everything on my Kindle I at least take a glance. Sure, if I paid for it I might delve a bit deeper in before giving up, but I've gotten plenty of free stuff that's good.

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